Orangeville Council Meeting – Nov 26

A bit of notice may go a long way…

Hello, all my friends and neighbours.

This is just a quick update that we, the Rolling Hills neighbourhood, have been mentioned in Tuesday night’s Town Council budget meeting. We have to thank our Deputy Mayor, Andy Macintosh for bringing up our corner of Orangeville.

Part of the meeting was a discussion on how basketball was becoming a higher interest within our town. Mr. Macintosh took the opportunity to bring up the Rolling Hills neighbourhood.

Following that, Mr. Osmond (GM of Community Services) clarified it was about Rebecca Hills Park. Then stated that “the neighbours are interested in getting involved” and corroborated that they are looking at an asphalting project in our area. 

Mayor Brown did also mention that this would be part of the Parks and Rec Master Plan, but more in the form of a confirmation question.

A direct link to the mention is here:

I am really interested to hear more of course. I hope you are as well.

The Orangeville Council YouTube channel should be subscribed to by anyone interested in getting involved with our town. Previous meetings are available for later viewing if you cannot watch live. Hit Subscribe and click the bell notification.