Petition Time

I know this is a bit unexpected, but everyone who signs helps a little bit.

Starting Saturday, November 23, we will be canvassing the Rolling Hills neighbourhood in the hope that everyone will be willing to sign up to our petition.

The details will not be shared with anyone but the Town of Orangeville and the Recreation and Parks Department. 

We hope that our combined voices will convince the Town that we want to see improvements to our corner. The more people that commit, the more of a voice that we will have.

I (Thomas) will be covering Jordan Dr, part of Joshua Rd and Murray Ct.

Janice and Cynthia will be covering Perry Rd and Jay Cres.

Cindy will be covering Howard Cres and the other part of Joshua Rd.

Sarah will be covering Marshall Crescent.

If we do miss you, we will be leaving a calling card at your door with information about our project and how to contact us. One of our representatives can arrange a contact time to sign if any are willing. We also will be providing an easy link to the town survey to allow you to fill out what we want improved.

We are hoping for:

  1. Splash pad
  2. Full Court Basketball (modified to a rink in winter – volunteers needed to maintain)
  3. Improve the current playground equipment and make it capable for the usage of those with gross motor coordination issues
  4. Either repair the baseball cage to make it a full proper functioning baseball diamond or make it a multiple sport capable field (ie soccer also)
  5. Fix and add benches
  6. Add and actually maintain the garbage cans

We will not get everything, but if we do not ask, it will be another 5 years before we can try again.

Our kids and neighbourhood deserve a bit more.


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