Updates – Recreation and Parks Master Plan Released

Just a quick update that the full master plan has been released and is available in the below link:


Interesting points within the file are as follows

  1. On page 72, a recommended budget of $37,500 in 2021 and $250,000 in 2022
  2. On page 243, it is noted that “multiple comments were received regarding upgrades to play
    equipment at Rebecca Hills Park”. It appears our campaign to push towards the survey was noticed.
  3. On page 258, there are extended considerations regarding our park. These are not promised of course, but include potential addition recommendations as follows:
    • full-sized multi-sport court that is convertible to a (volunteer-supported) outdoor rink in winter
    • additional playground structures, particularly for preschool ages
    • soccer goal posts for the field for pick up play
    • a trail
    • bike skills area (e.g. pump track)
    • a mini splash pad
  4. On page 269, the summary mentions specifically that “Residents in the Rolling Hills neighbourhood need to drive to access other parks in the Town, and the distance to these and major streets bounding the neighbourhood precludes their children from walking or cycling to other parks. Given their reliance on Rebecca Hills Park, therefore, the Town should consider expanding and improving its amenities to better serve the local population.” 
  5. On page 402, the Open Resident Feedback included: “Rebecca Hills Park (3): Requests included upgraded play structures, a splash pad, a multi-use sports pad (for basketball (2 nets), ball hockey, and ice skating in the winter,) remove of ball diamond and replace with soccer/ lacrosse nets, and trails along the pond.” Thank you for anyone in our neighbourhood that came to the open nights, you made a difference.
  6. On page 403:
    • 2 requests for washroom facilities
    • 3 requests for a Splash park
    • 2 requests for an upgraded full basketball court
    • 2 requests to replace ball diamond with a soccer field 
    • 1 request to upgrade play equipment 
  7. On page 404 within the Additional Comments, “Further requests for Rebecca Hills Park include a rubberized safety surface for the playground instead of wood chips, lighting, benches, garbage cans, a bike park behind the reservoir, more activities for kids, movie night in the park, and no parking, as residents wish for this to be a neighbourhood park.”

A full review of the plan will be performed in an upcoming council meeting once it is reviewed.


We made the news!


I had the opportunity to speak with Chris Halliday of the Orangeville Banner a few days ago over the phone (and later shortly in person) regarding our petition that we have been working on. 

Chris has given us our first real exposure to the news. He has taken the time to write a piece that I would like all of the residents of Rolling Hills to read at first chance. 

Additional to some of the talking points that we as a group have spoken with to the neighbourhood, he has also spoken with representatives of the town.

An interesting point I noticed was: “Cosgrove acknowledged the Rolling Hills neighbourhood’s presence did not go unnoticed. During a recent budget meeting, Mayor Sandy Brown pondered the possibility of it being the site of new Orangeville Lions sponsored BMX track further down the road.”

Thank you, Chris for your interest in our work. Your notice and article will help us in our future.




FC Petition Crew

A little introduction might be in order.

You might have seen a few of us around the neighbourhood in the last few weeks. Thank you for spending time talking with us. We took the time for a group photo in Rebecca Hills Park last Friday before the snow hit. 

Top Row: Tom Wilson, Simran Bhamu, Sarah McInnes, Nicholas Day, Cindy Aristizábal, Cynthia Guido Middle Row: Vihaan Arjun Sangwa, William McInnes, Joseph McInnes, Victoria Day
Bottom Row: Christina Wilson, Mia Eldridge, Janice Eldridge, Amanda Guido


Orangeville Council Meeting – Nov 26

A bit of notice may go a long way…

Hello, all my friends and neighbours.

This is just a quick update that we, the Rolling Hills neighbourhood, have been mentioned in Tuesday night’s Town Council budget meeting. We have to thank our Deputy Mayor, Andy Macintosh for bringing up our corner of Orangeville.

Part of the meeting was a discussion on how basketball was becoming a higher interest within our town. Mr. Macintosh took the opportunity to bring up the Rolling Hills neighbourhood.

Following that, Mr. Osmond (GM of Community Services) clarified it was about Rebecca Hills Park. Then stated that “the neighbours are interested in getting involved” and corroborated that they are looking at an asphalting project in our area. 

Mayor Brown did also mention that this would be part of the Parks and Rec Master Plan, but more in the form of a confirmation question.

A direct link to the mention is here: https://youtu.be/XvXDZ_W0YA4?t=3856

I am really interested to hear more of course. I hope you are as well.

The Orangeville Council YouTube channel should be subscribed to by anyone interested in getting involved with our town. Previous meetings are available for later viewing if you cannot watch live. Hit Subscribe and click the bell notification.


Chilly, but worth it

Most of Saturday and part of Sunday were touring through Jordan Dr, Joshua St, and Murray Cres for Christina and me. She was cold going door to door but was determined to help do her part too.

There is a lot of interest in getting Rebecca Hills park updated. Everyone we spoke with was friendly, upbeat, and appreciative of the efforts we are putting forth.

It isn’t just us though! There are other parents and kids in Rolling Hills working with us. Everyone is working hard. Janice, Cindy G, Mia, and Amanda were all over Jay Cres and Perry Rd today. Cindy A was covering Howard Cres all weekend as well. 

Don’t think we forgot about all of you on Marshall. Sarah is going to be calling on you soon enough.

From our perspective, not a lot of people knew about the Recreation and Parks survey that is due on November 29th. The more people that speak up about our park, the more of a chance we will have to get some real work done there in the future. Remember to talk about Rebecca Hills specifically.

So far we have collected 57 signatures from visiting 101 homes. We are always willing to come back to visit anyone who was not home at the time we came by originally.

Just let us know.

This is all just the beginning. 


Petition Time

I know this is a bit unexpected, but everyone who signs helps a little bit.

Starting Saturday, November 23, we will be canvassing the Rolling Hills neighbourhood in the hope that everyone will be willing to sign up to our petition.

The details will not be shared with anyone but the Town of Orangeville and the Recreation and Parks Department. 

We hope that our combined voices will convince the Town that we want to see improvements to our corner. The more people that commit, the more of a voice that we will have.

I (Thomas) will be covering Jordan Dr, part of Joshua Rd and Murray Ct.

Janice and Cynthia will be covering Perry Rd and Jay Cres.

Cindy will be covering Howard Cres and the other part of Joshua Rd.

Sarah will be covering Marshall Crescent.

If we do miss you, we will be leaving a calling card at your door with information about our project and how to contact us. One of our representatives can arrange a contact time to sign if any are willing. We also will be providing an easy link to the town survey to allow you to fill out what we want improved.

We are hoping for:

  1. Splash pad
  2. Full Court Basketball (modified to a rink in winter – volunteers needed to maintain)
  3. Improve the current playground equipment and make it capable for the usage of those with gross motor coordination issues
  4. Either repair the baseball cage to make it a full proper functioning baseball diamond or make it a multiple sport capable field (ie soccer also)
  5. Fix and add benches
  6. Add and actually maintain the garbage cans

We will not get everything, but if we do not ask, it will be another 5 years before we can try again.

Our kids and neighbourhood deserve a bit more.