Rebecca Hills Park Improvement Committee

Working on improving our neighbourhood


We are a small group that lives within the Rolling Hills neighbourhood. We are working together to try to have some of the already budgeted Recreation and Parks funds allocated towards improving our neighbourhood park.

Recently there was an announcement that at Alder Recreation Centre, there would be a consulting firm and town employees from Recreations and Parks there to take information and recommendations for budget use. 

A few of us on the local Rolling Hills Facebook page agreed to meet there to see what the plans for our area were and if we could make some suggestions. Furthering that, we wanted to work within our neighbourhood to get more participation in the survey that the town is putting forth. As well as putting together a petition to the manager of Recreation and Parks to really look at improving our area.

Part of our concerns we brought up was the highway lock our children have because of the highways. We did choose to live here. It is a great neighbourhood, but it does lack the amenities that other areas of town get.

We do not want to make this a drive to park. We want to keep this a neighbourhood park, but with some enhancements that everyone in Rolling Hills can enjoy.