We made the news!


I had the opportunity to speak with Chris Halliday of the Orangeville Banner a few days ago over the phone (and later shortly in person) regarding our petition that we have been working on. 

Chris has given us our first real exposure to the news. He has taken the time to write a piece that I would like all of the residents of Rolling Hills to read at first chance. 

Additional to some of the talking points that we as a group have spoken with to the neighbourhood, he has also spoken with representatives of the town.

An interesting point I noticed was: “Cosgrove acknowledged the Rolling Hills neighbourhood’s presence did not go unnoticed. During a recent budget meeting, Mayor Sandy Brown pondered the possibility of it being the site of new Orangeville Lions sponsored BMX track further down the road.”

Thank you, Chris for your interest in our work. Your notice and article will help us in our future.




FC Petition Crew

A little introduction might be in order.

You might have seen a few of us around the neighbourhood in the last few weeks. Thank you for spending time talking with us. We took the time for a group photo in Rebecca Hills Park last Friday before the snow hit. 

Top Row: Tom Wilson, Simran Bhamu, Sarah McInnes, Nicholas Day, Cindy Aristizábal, Cynthia Guido Middle Row: Vihaan Arjun Sangwa, William McInnes, Joseph McInnes, Victoria Day
Bottom Row: Christina Wilson, Mia Eldridge, Janice Eldridge, Amanda Guido